Will Congress be misled on patent reform again?

An article written in January this year about IP reform and patents.  It really does apply to Open Innovation – the vast majority of companies do honor the work of the creator, but there are some exceptions.   It’s almost impossible to do a start up without getting sued by patent trolls no matter how careful the founders are – when many litigants are just looking to get thrown some money as part of their business model. The reverse is also true that *some* companies do intentionally violate patents.

I think it’s an honest assessment to say that most executives in most companies value their company reputation and encourage honest conduct. These motivations are often not singular, but range from “just doing the right thing”, fostering a trustworthy environment with honest people and the companies reputation;  if you were a licensor and you knew company XYZ had been involved with lawsuits over IP theft, would that be the first or the last company you would approach?

Then there is the suit itself from the wronged licensor – business hates the unknown.. will they win or will they have a major loss?

It’s a sticky wicket…  here’s another opinion.


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