What & Why

Why before what. Motivation often plays the most important role in how and how well “What” gets executed.   Our philosophy is summed up best by the writer/philosopher/hedge fund manager Nassim Nicholas Talib when he proposed seeking solutions with asymmetric upside; that is solutions with little or no downside but huge potential upside.  This is our quest in the work we do, often it means having to rethink even the most basic motivation in why things are the way they are rather than just accepting all the commoditized building blocks that are standard for other organizations.

It means finding solutions that require little or no retooling or significant redesign and can quickly be implemented by our customers in a way that is not only easy and intuitive to them, but with a compelling upside for their customers.

What we do is focused in a few areas, but these areas are elastic and as solutions with asymmetric upside sometimes do – they roll over into other areas.

  • -Licensing IP to other firms; both our own and other innovators
  • -Creating IP
  • -Engineering Services:  Electrical/Software/Firmware/Mechanical
  • -Design Services
  • -Professional Services Contracting

Pursuing solutions has at time taken us into worlds as diverse as filmmaking, woodworking, and art.  Within our team we have many decades of professional experience as well as very broad eclectic knowledge.  If you are an intelligent customer open to innovative ideas with asymmetric upside, we know our teams can work very well together to deliver beyond expectations.


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso