Meet our Associates

Whatever the project, we draw on our associates with their strong, varied, and eclectic backgrounds to distill the decisive information from noise and to implement simple, economical, corrections using skillful means.



Brian Findlay

MBA (University of New Hampshire; Peter T Pall College of Business and Economics) BSCS  (Computer Science – Daniel Webster College) has been involved in management, R&D, firmware & electrical design and manufacturing in internet communications, storage, medical, and consumer markets for 30+ years.   He has been part of many startups and large multi-national companies including; Bose, Cisco, SUN Microsystems, Motorola, Siemens Medical.   Most recently consulted and acted as to evangelize and champion data science techniques to a multi-billion dollar company as well as conceiving and promoting IP software, hardware, and product solutions.



Janna Conaway

 Experience ranges from the technical to entrepreneurial; She has been an engineering draftsman, designer, a creative force in revitalizing and redesigning real estate for resale and owner-operator of a vending company.



Marcia Findlay

Attended the University of Pernambuco (Brazil) for Product Design.   She has worked as a successful corporate agent bidding government bids, a graphic artist and book editor, as well as a corporate book keeper.  She has an innate ability to identify and correct aesthetic or functionally deficient products.



Jalal Houshmand

Masters in mathematics and computer science from University of Texas.  Jalal has been an engineering manager, design architect and innovator for previous engineering and design houses.  He has deep experience in both government and private sector in management, product architecture and firmware for many high tech commercial firms. Jalal ability as a problem solver and doer is second to none.