Those who can best create and execute solutions with asymmetric upside are those with the most broad, diverse, and eclectic skill sets.  These types of solutions are often nothing more than combining two or more previous ideas into something completely new – the types of ideas that are often stunningly simple rather than overdesigned and complex.   Creating new technologies often demand rigor and complexity – but often what turns out to be the best applications of the new technologies are overlooked.   This is our territory.

Eclectic is the word which best reflects the composition of our team.  Solutions usually don’t come from individuals, they come from experiences.  Blood Street Associates has a deep bench of experience and experiences; we have about 80 years engineering experience combined in research and development, engineering, manufacturing, in the disciplines of electrical, software, mechanical in positions ranging from management of large engineering teams for multi-national corporations to managing, designing, and implementing solutions in the medical, communications, storage, and consumer products categories.   We are from different disciplines, countries, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences; each augments the group and magnifies the common mind.

If you find your team in struggling in search of feasible and cost effective solutions – we are the change you need.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

  • Leonardo da Vinci