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Open Innovation Generates Great Ideas, So Why Aren’t Companies Adopting Them?

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Photo By:  Bernard Gagnon – Own work

From  Harvard Business Review: DECEMBER 20, 2017

Today, many companies see open innovation — a process for sharing knowledge and ideas with other organizations — as a core part of their strategy for developing new offerings. Examples include L’Oréal working with Renault on an electric “spa” concept car and auto-parts makers Delphi and Mobileye joining forces to produce an autonomous driving system. Many companies have found that such partnerships generate cost savings and creative insights.

Oddly, however, although both the depth and breadth of intercompany collaboration continues to increase, the actual adoption of the ideas developed this way does not seem to be rising at the same pace. In a recent poll by Accenture, more than 50% of the surveyed corporations said that these partnerships don’t seem to be yielding as many new products or other benefits as they had hoped. Similar to earlier studies, our research suggests the reasons more ideas from open innovation aren’t being adopted are political and cultural, not technical. Multiple gatekeepers, skepticism regarding anything “not invented here,” and turf wars all hold back adoption.

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