7 lessons learned from $5 million in open innovation prizes



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7 lessons learned from $5 million in open innovation prizes

Principles of open innovation

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What do mini-Big Bang Theory Lego, Mozilla, Facebook’s Pride Flag feature, P&G’s Connect+Develop, and Moodle have in common?

There are all examples of open innovation (OI) at its best.

Popularized by Henry Chesbrough,“Open Innovation” term refers to the broad concepts of leveraging external sources of technology and innovation to drive internal growth. It also entails the spin-off and outsourcing of unused intellectual property. (Michael Docherty, 2006)



Open Innovation vs Crowdsourcing vs Co-creation

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Various principles and concepts are used for managing research and innovation. You are probably familiar with these buzzwords: crowdsourcing, open innovation and a more recent one, co-creation. Organisations are gradually moving away from traditional work models; they are becoming a lot bolder and more inclusive in their approaches to innovation.

Open Innovation vs Crowdsourcing vs Co-creation

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